Evita Kappel
Character profile
Other namesEllen Maceno[1]
Mistress Butterfly
Eye colorCrystal blue[2]
Hair colorBlond (disguised)
OccupationInternational criminal
First app.Strip 10
Last app.Guest Strip (Mr. Stanford)
Total app.59 (31.72%)

Evita Kappel, better known as Mistress Butterfly, is Mistress Sixx's primary antagonist in Collar 6.


Public identityEdit

Butterfly's alias name when she came to the Venus City was Ellen Maceno.[1] She posed as a mistress with a cruel reputation of breaking her slaves.

Real identityEdit

Mistress Butterfly's real identity is Evita Kappel, an S-Class Mistess, an enemy of the state in GDA, and wife of Michael Kappel.[1]


Butterfly serves the role of the primary antagonist and rival to Sixx.


Butterfly's relationship with Sixx is that of an enemy, rooted in personal hatred for reasons currently unknown. As a result, she shares a similar relation with Laura by association.

Butterfly formerly had a relationship with Trina in a slave/master role, but was dissolved when Trina was no longer useful in getting to Sixx.

Butterfly, as Evita Kappel, is the wife and accomplice of the international criminal Michael Kappel.



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