This article is about Judiciatrices as a group. For the unnamed Judiciatrix from the Rubberball arc, see Judiciatrix.

The Judiciatrices are "phantoms of the Association".[1] They are judges who arbitrate events that can cause major shifts in the Association's power structure. Their public identities are unknown even to the Head Mistresses but they have the reputation of being fair, impartial, and invincible in combat.[1]


Judging by the only Judiciatrix seen thus far, Judiciatrices are issued black full-body rubber suits, the most prominent features of which are a one-eyed white mask and a long while plume on the top of their heads. The mask conceals the Judiciatrix's face but can be shattered with a powerful enough strike. The plume can be used as a weapon, reminiscent of a chain sword, or detached to serve as a full-body wrap against the target.[2]





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