Character profile
Other namesMistress Sixx (Rubberball arc only)
Eye colorBlue
Hair colorBlond
OccupationPersonal slave
First app.Strip 1
Last app.Strip 180
Total app.123 (66.13%)

Laura is one of the protagonists of Collar 6.


Laura was born on the island of Sybion as the daughter of Tessa and Henrique, with seven older sisters and at least twenty-two younger sisters. At the age of 18 she was assigned a pink rubber suit, representing that she was low on the fertility scale. She met a man named Mr. Black who inspired her to seek the outside world. Not long after, a man by the name of Antonio showed interest in adding her to his harem so she left on a cargo ship.


Laura's general role is as the personal slave of Michelle, placing her in a higher standard and regard than the rest of her harem.

In a meta sense, Laura also serves as an audience surrogate, as she came into the relationship with no knowledge of the extend of which BDSM had taken hold and learns about it at the same rate as the audience.


Laura's relation to Sixx is that of slave and master, but she is also her personal slave, akin to her wife, a role she shares with Ginger. She loves Sixx deeply and would do anything for her.

Laura's relation with Ginger is more complex, as they share the personal slave title. While the two were initially nasty to each other, they have since forged a relation of mutual respect.