Michelle O'Carroll
Michelle O'Carroll
Character profile
Other namesMistress Sixx
Eye colorGreen
Hair colorRed
OccupationHotel tycoon
Head Mistress of the Association
First app.Strip 2
Last app.Strip 180
Total app.131 (70.43%)

Michelle O'Carroll,[2] better known as Mistress Sixx, is one of the protagonists of Collar 6.



Michelle is an influential 29-years-old businesswoman who happens to be a natural Dominant and latex fetishist whose is both a successful hotel tycoon and one of the Nine Head Mistresses of the Association. Befitting her position, Mistress Sixx, as she is better known, has a personal harem consisting of slaves living in various hotels she owns around the world.

When she was 19, her mother, Nora O'Carroll sent her to train under Mistress Trina, another powerful Mistress of the Association, to take her place as Head Mistress. Her training included a year as Trina's submissive. Although Trina fell in love with her during her trianing, Michelle has never reciprocated or indeed noticed them until years later. After Michelle's training was complete (aged ca. 26), she met Laura and instantly took a liking to her, especially after discovering that she was a natural submissive. However, despite spending a lot of time together, Michelle kept her real status a closely guarded secret from Laura, afraid that she might come across as a spoiled rich girl to her.

This secrecy nearly cost her Laura's trust the day when she offer her her collar. Upon learning about her Mistress' real status, and especially about her harem, including her maid Ginger, Laura grew scared that she is, after all, not unique to Sixx. This fear was alleviated by Michelle's explanation that what she offers Laura is to become her personal slave. Further blunders by Sixx and the revelation that Ginger is likewise in love with her shook Laura's certainity about accepting Michelle's collar, so the latter offered her a choice once again.

In the end, Laura decided to accept Sixx's offer but under the condition that Ginger receives a status equal to hers. Both Mistress Sixx and Ginger agreed with this and made their arrangement official.


Laura Edit

Laura is her first personal slave and the love of her life

Ginger Edit

Ginger is her former maid and second personal slave

Trina Edit

Trina is an old friend of hers and now she is her third personal slave.



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