Strip #138
PublishedJuly 28, 2010
Story arcRubberball
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Strip #138 was published on July 28, 2010.


Michelle deduces that it was Trina who told Butterfly about Laura. Trina concurs and adds that she also gave Linda Knight the blueprints to the Sixx Mansion, making it possible to monitor her training sessions with Laura and Ginger. She then guesses that after the bugs have been discovered by Stella and Claire, Michelle must have staged the training to fool Butterfly, to which Michelle admits. Trina continues that when she learned about Ginger, she started feeling like she made a mistake, that if she only asked, Michelle would have taken her, too. But it was too late, since Butterfly has already broken her, and now the only way she sees for them to be together is for Michelle to submit to Butterfly.

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