Strip #157
PublishedSeptember 10, 2010
Story arcSpring Rubber Ball
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Strip #157 was published on September 10, 2010.


Looking at Butterfly, Judiciatrix's inner monologue reveals that the Association's intelligence has been gravely mistaken. While she has been assigned to monitor a "D-Ranked Mistress" in a formal contest, Butterfly turned out to be way out of her reach, a "Special Class, at least". Michelle, standing in the crowd with terrified Laura and Ginger at her side, comments that the fight is over, just as Butterfly delivers the finishing blow, shattering Judiciatrix's mask.


  • This is the first strip where Judiciatrix's face is revealed. Despite her outward similarity to Mistress Sophie, however, she has been confirmed to not be the same person.[1]


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